Tuesday, September 25, 2012

End of Week 7

Hi, just a quick update tonight.

My finger is healing, it no longer looks like a zombie, and I was able to practice a bit (woo!). I'm trying to wrap my head around this idea of playing feeling natural, and then actual try *doing* it too. Crazy idea! It's alarming to me how much stress is built into my playing. When I'm away from the flute I think about it and I say to myself, "Yeah, I should totally relax. It'll help, and be easier!" But then I pull the flute out and it's like my arms/shoulders just do not understand that a) they are not directly and sympathetically connected to my ribcage (yes, they can move on their own), and b) if they tense up a lot, all the time, it does NOT help my playing.

Despite all the roadblocks and snags I am still making progress, and that is what's really important. This quarter so far has not turned out at all like I thought it would, but it's still been really great to take this time to work on myself slowly.

Good night all!

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