Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Goodbye Quarter 1, Helloooo Quarter 2!

Welp, the first quarter of the year ended yesterday. This post *would* have been up yesterday, but apparently the "Schedule" feature on this website doesn't actually do anything.

 It feels like August 1st was such a long time ago. In the past week or two while the quarter has been coming to a close, I've been thinking a lot about the progress I have (or haven't) made.

I set out with grand ideas of playing every day, revolutionizing my practice routine, doubling and tripling my technical abilities, and conquering new rep and excerpts. That's not how it went down. It would be possible for me to list here every one of my failures, my missed marks, all of it, but why? It doesn't help my cause at all. Actually, when I think about where I am as a player today as compared to where I was on August 1, I'm incredibly proud of myself.

In August, playing the flute was a terrifying experience. I was always afraid for whatever sounds might come out of the instrument. I could barely play in the second and third octaves. I quit my job, packed up my cat and my car, moved over a thousand miles from the beautiful hills of West Virginia that had been my home for the past three years. I arrived in Florida, homeless, damn near broke, no job for (certainly no gigs or teaching positions!).
While I've been trying to keep practicing, sometimes it worked better than others. Thankfully, I've managed to land on my feet, and things are looking up!

So, what's in store for this "Balanced Flutist" now?

Well, for starters, it's time to change my technique books, etudes, and repertoire. It's safe to say that in this category, Quarter 1 was a BUST. I've got a couple things picked out, but I'll be sharing more about my selections in the days to come.I intend to get together enough repertoire for one recital (using mostly pieces I've played before, but some new stuff too!). I also hope to record another video for my YouTube channel, maybe one of the etudes I'm working on.

As far as work goes, rehearsals for Wild Party are going to be starting in the next week or so, and I'm going to contact some other theaters as well to try and get some more doubling gigs. I'm also going to start advertising for lessons.

I have some big news to share though....

Starting in January 2013, I will be adjunct faculty at Nova Southeastern University! I've been offered (and have accepted!) my very first college teaching position, and I couldn't be more exciting! I don't know exactly what my course load is just yet, but all in due time. 



  1. So happy for you! It sounds like you have some new ventures that will lead you down a great path!