Saturday, December 1, 2012

Week 5 Update

Is it really Week 5 already?! Last night was the start of week two for Wild Party. It's always interesting to play shows with multi-week runs. After four days away from the show, with everyone getting some time to wind down and refocus, I always find there to be a new energy and an improved ensemble.
I've been trying to glean as much as possible from my colleagues in the reed section, chatting about horns, reeds, etc. I've actually worked out an arrangement with one of the guys, trading sax lessons for flute lessons. We worked together yesterday, and I was glad to hear that while I do have some work to do, including some adjustments to my sax embouchure, I'm not really that far off-base either.
I've been working on the syllabi for my classes starting in January and I finally ordered new business cards, which I've been trying to give out as often as possible. I actually took a day a week or two ago to go make some some contacts, which has already opened at least one door.
I stopped by a music agency and was able to talk to their main band guy. Turns out they've been keeping their eyes out for a new sax guy! He gave me a list of tunes to learn, and in a couple weeks we're going to meet up to play together as an informal audition of sorts.
Things are going well, I may also have a little Christmas work coming my way, but more on that later - time to warm up for a mini sax lesson and tonight's show!

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