Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Goals for Quarter 2 (for real this time)

I'm very excited about playing these days! Sunday was my first concert with the SFPWE. They're some really great people, and the concert was a blast. Tomorrow starts tech week rehearsals with the Outre Theater for Wild Party, and I'm definitely looking forward to that as well.
My broad goals for the quarter are below:

Gilbert Technical Flexibility
Boehm 12 Etudes

Karg-Elert 31 Etudes.
Donjon 8 Etudes de Salon

Debussy Syrinx
Varese Density 21.5
Taktakishvili Sonata
Handel Sonata in F
Clarke The Great Train Race
Perilhou Ballade

So far I have been able to play every day, and beyond that, I've really been able to get some good work in most days. I haven't heard back from any other schools in need of faculty, but I'm going to start listing ads in local synagogue bulletins and order new (updated) business cards.

Maybe I should add some orchestral excerpts to this list...I'll have to do that later.

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